A funeral service respectfully marks the completion of a person's life. Friends and family come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived and celebrate the individual. These can be a small, quiet ceremony or a large celebration in a full church.

Horse Drawn Hearse

Our hearses are drawn by matching pairs of well coached, elegant and trustworthy horses. We offer black or white horses in sets or teams of 4. The horses are immaculately turned out in English shiny leather harness with standard full collars. Our Coachmen are professional carriage operators with specialist experience in funerals. Our Coachmen and bridegrooms wear typical Victorian livery.

Dove Release

For centuries people have used signs to depict a message. The white dove is the icon of belief, fidelity, peace and love.

At a funeral service or memorial service, a dove launch can be a serene and healing tribute. A gorgeous method of expressing a final farewell, of letting go. The launching of White Doves can offer a sensation of tranquillity and calmness, helping bring closure to a member of the family of a shed loved one.

Balloon Release

Balloons launched at a graveside or outside a crematorium are an expanding tribute to conclude a funeral service.

It helps offer comfort, and assists to symbolise the spirit rising toward the skies. Thus releasing the physical existence of a relative or good friend.

Releasing the balloons and enjoying them ascend is a really emotional and austere act of bidding farewell to a loved one. This is specifically unforgettable for children at a funeral service.

Relatives can create messages onto paper notes. These can be then rolled up and placed in the balloons before they inflated.

Motorcycle Hearse

We supply a variety of motorcycles Harley Davison, Suzuki and different Triumphs in addition to our Motocycle Hearse.

Our Motorcycle Funeral Service uses a dignified solution to what many fans of motorcycling have considered as an issue in the past.

We can provide a Motorcycle hearse to offer both spiritual and non-religious people. All motorcycle-sidecar mixes are hand-built, licensed by the DVLA as a hearse, and consistently checked. Each motorcycle hearse includes flower rails and pillion seats. They are sufficient to carry all coffin dimensions consisting of a casket.

Scottish Piper

The sight and noise of a piper completely Highland dress can give an emotional tribute for a loved one. Include other instruments to bring the depth of power and feeling to a piece of music that the pipes can.