Motorcycle Hearse

FJ Pinnock and Son offer a motorbike funeral service. We can offer five different designs of motorcycle hearse so that this final trip is a most fitting one. Your loved one can stay close at hand, for that final trip, if you prefer to ride pillion.

Many individuals assume that these motorbike hearses are just picked for biker funeral services. Our experience reveals that they are as enjoyed by people that perhaps did their dating with motorcycles and sidecars. Sidecars bring back treasured memories for many individuals.

  • Motorbike Hearse
  • A pillion seat for member of the family, friend or funeral director
  • A motorcyclist who will not wear advertising
  • Complete funeral insurance and DVLA hearse accreditation
  • Matching vehicles for double funerals
  • A genuine motorcycle
  • All rounded exposure of the casket
  • Inner air conditioning for flowers and a wreath rail on the roof covering
  • A rider with comprehensive funeral service and combination training
  • Safe and secure casket installations

We believe we ought to mirror people’s lifestyles in their funerals. Why should a motorcycle enthusiast be last seen in a car? After it was initially introduced, the Motorcycle and Sidecar Hearse has shown to be popular. It is loved by both the sidecar generation and the contemporary motorcycling community. These turn heads anywhere it goes. Just speak with your neighbourhood Funeral Director.

We provide a variety of motorbikes Harley Davison, Suzuki and various Triumphs in addition to our Motorcycle Hearse. The motorcycle hearse is a special and particular method to carry a loved one to a funeral service. The primary motorcycle has a sidecar which can be made use of to carry either a coffin or an urn.

We’ve seen the popularity of this hearse proliferate since its introduction. It has become an immediate hit for those who personally enjoyed riding in their lifetime.

If you want to discover more info regarding this particular set of transport, please do not hesitate to call us 01279 422123.