Horse Drawn Hearse

Do you need a funeral service with a little more style and elegance? 

A horse-drawn hearse can give that extra touch of distinction, to any type of funeral procession.

A horse-drawn hearse can be a much more conventional tribute to your loved one. It can add a genuine sense of occasion to the funeral. We provide a variety of coloured plumes and drapes. We could customise the horse-drawn hearse for the day. Please speak with your funeral arranger if you would like more information.

The family have a selection of black or white horse and carriage. This can be enhanced with matching drapes and plumes. The presentation and details are of first class standards.

Horse drawn funerals add that unique touch. This is the perfect way for a family to say goodbye to a loved one. We offer families we beautifully turned out funeral hearses and horses.

All our horse drawn hearses are handcrafted with unmatched creative iron and woodwork. The hearse is additionally surrounded by genuine etched glass.

We are a family run business and have years of horse owning experience. This tradition dates right back to our forefathers.

An elegant and traditional funeral procession

When feasible the horse-drawn hearse will leave from our funeral office. It is in some cases essential to meet the cortege near to the pre-arranged address due to how far it is. The costs consist of using a confined hearse, steeds to draw the hearse and the transportation of personnel.

FJ Pinnock and Son has always promoted the use of a standard Horse Drawn Hearse. Personally conducting a large number of funerals using this classic method. When choosing our most basic funeral service the conventional horse-drawn hearse can be utilised.

In Victorian times, no funeral was complete without an elaborate Horse Drawn Hearse. This was hitched to either 2 or 4 black steeds putting on plumes of ostrich feathers. The practice was that the hearse, steeds and plumes were black for adults and white for children.